Neue englische Buchveröffentlichung "Mirrors Within Mirrors"


Unforgettable Adventures into Past Lives

NEWS:  Neue englische Buchveröffentlichung 

Miriam Goodspeed’s Biographie über Ingrid Vallieres und ihre faszinierende Arbeit mit Reinkarnations-Rückführungen!

Ingrid Vallieres, a tall, beautiful blonde with bright blue eyes, is considered to be a pioneer in Germany’s large community of past life therapists. Born Ingrid Kreuzwieser in Stuttgart, Germany in 1953, she is a woman who has practiced and taught her craft not only in her own country but throughout Europe, Asia and in the United States. Her philosophy is a simple one: perhaps we have always existed - in one way or another - since the beginning of time.

Autoren: Miriam Goodspeed und Ingrid Vallières,
erhältlich als e-book, hardcover und paperback in englischer Sprache,
Verlag: tredition

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